Top 15 Best Android Games

Nowadays, you should use your smartphone for nearly everything. You will find Android applications to get things done, for doing all of your office work, as well as for predicting the elements. You may also file your taxes. What if you won’t want to inflict of individuals things? Let’s say, rather than being productive, you’d like to waste a couple of minutes, race a couple of laps, or slay a couple of dragons? For your, you’ll need games, as well as for you, we’ve a listing in our faves.

Our Faves

This really is in no way an extensive or complete survey of Android games. A marketplace as huge and vibrant as Google Play has something for everybody: games, word games, photographers, racers, runners, as well as fantasy quiz RPGs. To tackle an industry that broad, we combined research having a poll of the items had by themselves phones. Such as the choices on the internet Play, it is a broad mixture of new and classic games that people love, and we are sure you’ll feel exactly the same way.

We have had a couple of high-octane, high-performance game titles which will stun your vision and drain your battery. We have also got lots of more compact, simpler game titles that are ideal for just killing some time and taking up the mind. Additionally, there are game titles made to challenge your wits, and a few oddballs to help keep things interesting.

What really excites use is the amount of game titles that opened on computer systems but make their method to Android. It implies that these games have really strong concepts that may be converted across nearly any platform, and it is proof of what lengths mobile products came as gaming platforms. It is also super easy to have your preferred games accessible, wherever you’re.


The Very Best Is Yet in the future

As with every in our lists , this can be a work happening. I will be upgrading and growing it every so often. We’ll keep it fresh, too, by cycling out game titles which have already had their moment under the sun. Hopefully, any time you take a look list, there will be something interesting and new to uncover.

Aren’t seeing your preferred out there? Drop us a polite message within the comments. As if you, we are always hungry for brand new tappy timewasters and we’ll certainly have a look.


The Banner Saga

This tactical, turn-based strategy game would be a hit using the pc and it has finally showed up on Android. Lead your party of Vikings via a gorgeous, mythic world and weave your personal legendary story. Although the cost is steep, the rewards are useful


Crazy Taxi

Would you love classic Dreamcast game titles? Would you support traditional taxis when confronted with Uber? You may not, love The Offspring? Then you will faint with pleasure playing Crazy Taxi, a port from the console classic for Android.



Disco Zoo

In the creator of Small Tower comes another retro-designed time-waster you will not have the ability to put lower. This time around, you’re employed to put together a zoo of adorable pixelated creatures and produce extra money by…wait for this…tossing an animated party by which all your cute denizens dance their hearts out.


Monument Valley

Monument Valley is definitely an incredibly beautiful game, showing that mobile game does not have to be symbolic of cheap and shallow. Within this meditative puzzler, you will need to use optical illusions to accomplish each gorgeous level. Meditative, mysterious, and intriguing, it is a must-play Android game.