Fortnite – the battle royale Epic Games

Fortnite – the battle royale Epic Games

Fortnite is the battle-royale PC game to beat right now. In fact, Epic Games confirmed earlier in 2018 that Fortnite hosted 3.4 million concurrent players in one record-breaking session. This notably beats Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) highest-ever player count recorded on Steam, which topped out at an impressive 3.2 million players. Fortnite currently has a lot going for it, including approachable gameplay modes, bright and zany graphics, and an excellent construction system. Iffy combat and the presence of microtransactions detracts from the experience, but, as it is a free-to-play game, fans of the genre should still give it a shot.


Pricing and Platforms

Fortnite actually has two main gameplay elements: a player vs. environment (PvE) setup called Save the World and the mode I reviewed, which comprises the meat of the game: Battle Royale. The Save the World mode is currently expensive, but it will go free-to-play sometime in 2018, according to Epic Games. For now, you can choose between purchasing the Standard Edition ($39.99), the Deluxe Edition ($59.99), the Super Deluxe version ($89.99), and the Limited Edition ($149.99).

The basic premise is the same with each version: You lead a group of defenders against groups of oncoming Husks (zombies). It’s a similar concept to what you might see in some parts of Metal Gear Survive, though I imagine it improves upon the concept. The versions differ in what characters and gear you have at your disposal.

Epic War TD 2: New Android Strategy Games

Epic War TD 2: New Android Strategy Games

Epic War TD 2 can be a tower defense title by AMT Games. The sport boasts 9 towers, 2 mega towers, 44 enemy types, 50 missions, and since they guaranteed, 100 action several hours. The also connects for the Google Play profile to gain experience by releasing achievements in the sport.

Epic War Games

The sport offers two game-modes: Arcade and Professional. Arcade has medium difficulty, unlimited towers, and also the chance to market towers. Inside the other hands, Professional mode limits players with limited towers and banning them from selling pointless towers, on top of requiring to experience through hard mode.

Strategy games might be deeply satisfying if they’re developed correctly, specifically if you love the power of an excellent challenge. Tower defense games are the most useful strategy type games around, and frequently it normally will not take a great become decent. As extended as they can be somewhat tough and provide freedom to mix the towers you would like and so they aren’t super easy, they might be fun. This isn’t exactly the situation using this week’s pick for game every week, but it is an enjoyable experience and may get yourself a shot. Along with the pictures listed below are possibly the best I’ve come across in the tower defense game, or otherwise not even close to it.

Really the only problem I have with Epic War TD 2 could it be seems there is a particular set way you have to beat each consecutive wave sequence. There isn’t really enough freedom to place the kind of towers you need, as you’ll usually finish off failing if you don’t take advantage of the specific type of tower for many situations. It almost appears like hands holding. Really, I am only round the seventh or eighth wave mission in the first chapter, and you’ll find about 9 or 10 missions per chapter with six sections, and this may likely change entering the second chapter and ongoing to maneuver forward. Aside from that particular detail, Epic War TD 2 is a good game.


EWTD2 follows a very standard tower defense design. You will have to make your murder-towers over the fixed enemy paths and prevent them from exiting the map. Enemy models can’t attack or destroy your towers. You just have 10 lives and each enemy that escapes the map, regardless of size/type, will take away one existence. Unlike other tower defense games, you don’t have special abilities or special moves that can be used just just in case of problems you will have to depend inside your towers for the entire fight. Beating competitors will allow you to get cash that can be used to create more towers or upgrade them.

To date as Tower Defense genre game game titles go, it’s plenty to supply. You’ll uncover that the towers are comprised of highly advanced weaponry to battle the waves of infantry, bots, tanks, together with other kinds of mobs you need to don’t get past a checkpoint. Each mission might have three waves you need to put it out right through to have the ability to complete that wave, too as with each wave you’ll find usually three or four sub-waves of competitors. You’ll get stars for finishing missions with can be purchased your brand-new towers additionally to unlock their upgrade capacity. You’ll find 9 total high energy towers, 4 mega towers, 44 unique enemy types, and in line with the devs, 100 several hours of content across 50 puzzling missions. The sport is simply $2.99 at this time around however that cost may also be listed as 40% off just like a special launch purchase cost, therefore if you’re interested I recommend obtaining as quickly as possible.