Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga Review

When Nintendo announced a Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga remake for the 3DS, I wasn’t sure I needed it. The beautiful 2D art, laugh-out-loud dialogue, and blend of action- and turn-based RPG gameplay of the Game Boy Advance original still feels every bit as vibrant and engaging today as it did when it came out 15 years ago. But after playing through Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser’s Minions, I’m absolutely convinced that it is the definitive way to experience one of Nintendo’s best RPGs.

The premise is the same: The evil witch Cackletta and her talkative minion Fawful have devised a scheme to conquer both the Mushroom Kingdom and the neighboring Beanbean Kingdom, starting with turning Princess Peach’s voice into an explosive force. Bowser, angry that he can’t abduct Peach in this state, teams up with Mario and an (unwilling) Luigi to give chase in an airship, only for the brothers to crash-land in foreign territory. Mario and Luigi must brave the strange lands of Beanbean to stop Cackletta’s plan. And while that’s going on, Bowser’s armies are on their own quest to figure out just where the heck he vanished to.

While the core game remains the same, the already great visuals get a gorgeous update on 3DS. The art has been completely redone, from the core sprites of Mario and Luigi to the tiniest of background details, and the result is some of the most beautiful and vibrant 2D art around. Various character animations have also been touched up and expanded upon, giving the brothers and their foes a lot of extra personality through their movements. (Sit back and watch some of the duo’s idle animations during combat when you have a spare moment– ā€“ it’s a real treat.) The music has also been revised and expanded, with longer melodies and higher-quality instrumentation adding an additional spring to the step of the bouncy, energetic tunes from ace composer Yoko Shimomura. The only disappointment in the audiovisual department is the complete lack of a 3D option. We’ve seen how good other ā€œ2D- art- in- 3Dā€ games look on the 3DS, and given that the game has its fair share of perspective and platform puzzles, it would have been both a big help and a great visual enhancement.



The silly story of Superstar Saga is brought to life through dialogue and events that evoke the whimsical, humorous nature of the Mario universe. Characters like the elegant Prince of the Beanbean Kingdom and the wicked Cackletta have memorable quirks that make their personas stand out. Even some of the more minor side NPCs, like the Chuckola Bros, have a notable amount of care and attention put into their speech. That still shows through after all these years–though the most memorable character, Fawful, doesn’t have quite the impact he once did, coming off an era where nonsensical JRPG translations were common.

The core gameplay remains primarily the same as the original game, with a few enhancements. You explore various environments from an overhead view, using special skills to navigate and solve puzzles when necessary. When you encounter an enemy, you enter a battle sequence that blends turn-based commands with timing-based button presses to both deal extra damage to enemies and evade or counter their attacks. Some subtle improvements from later games in the Mario and Luigi series have been added, too: The pair can now perform an emergency guard during combat by pressing the X button, reducing damage from enemy attacks if you’re not confident in your evasion skills. You can also retry boss fights on an easier difficulty if you get a game over. Story scenes can be sped up by holding down the R button, making some of the dialogue-heavy scenes zip by faster if you’ve seen them before (or if you’re a speed reader). These additions help streamline the experience, but by and large, if you remember the events of the original Superstar Saga, you’re going through the same motions in the remake.

Most the brand-new content is in a sub-game that opens a little over an hour into the main story. Called “Minion Quest,” this is a separate adventure with no bearing on the main story that follows a gallant Goomba who wants to find and rescue his Lord Bowser. To accomplish this, he needs to find other minions from Bowser’s army, convince them to band together, and fight against Fawful’s brainwashed hordes.



Angry Birds Star Wars Review

Angry Birds Star Wars Review

Angry Wild wild birds Alien has moved beyond its traditional mobile operating-system roots. After four years of ruling iOS and Android sales, the franchise has spun off, within the Exorcist form, to current-generation consoles. The sport re-creates the initial Alien trilogy in Angry Wild wild birds form and retells the story of Luke Skywalker, full of nature wild birds since the Digital digital rebel Alliance as well as the pigs since the Empire, inside an amusing adaptation in the trilogy.

Just like the Angry Wild wild birds you are aware of of affection, the goal of every level is always to hurl your bird within the pigs, using whatever terrain, explosives, or enhancements might be available to wipe them out. All of this is presented inside the classic Angry Wild wild birds tongue-in-mouth area style. Colorful pictures recreate beloved Alien moments getting a sly wink, and offer a great complement for the birds’ and pigs’ grumblings at the outset of each level. Wild wild birds shriek because they are launched to the air and land getting a thud or crash, in addition to their cries of victory if you complete the total amount certainly are a charming reward for earnings congratulations. However, in case you fail the total amount, the pigs’ mocking chortles–as well as the half-demonic laughter of Pig Vader particularly–help you stay likely to test a completely new strategy.

Angry Bird Review

My Luke Skywalker Angry Bird has joined the blazing sands of Tatooine, managed to get the icy flatlands of Hoth, trained with Yoda inside the swamps of Dagobah, fought against against Boba Fett in Cloud City, and has the capacity to take lower Pig Vader inside the final amount second Dying Star. After a little luck, the very best trajectory, as well as the elevated Pressure forces I obtained several levels ago, he might just make it.

Angry Wild wild birds has always combined facets of luck, strategy, and chaos upon beginning your bird, at your job whatever variables–for instance gravity, TNT, air vents, or weighted objects–complicate the total amount. Just like the mobile Angry Wild wild birds games, a responsive number of controls helps it be easy to withdraw the slingshot, find the appropriate position, and send your bird soaring to the fray. It’s consistently enjoyable to check random new ideas inside an amount before stumbling upon a tactic that really works and enables you to two or three stars upon wrecking the ultimate piggy. It is advisable to stay with an average controller, that it’s worth. If you work with the Move controller, you have a wider default view, do not access the biggest view available, creating cumbersome navigation.

There’s nothing that can match flinging your Luke Skywalker bird with the mind from the AT-AT master, cleanly cutting that mind offered by a simple saber, then watching your brain roll lower a hill to reign utter chaos among your porcine opponents.

In Which The Exorcist might be nothing without any Pressure, Angry Wild wild birds Alien might be nothing without any upgradable number of unique and Pressure-related abilities for that wild wild birds. Your Luke Skywalker bird can swing a simple saber in midair, your Han Solo bird can fire a trio of laser bolts at any target along its trajectory, along with your Obi-Wan Kenobi bird could use a Pressure push to shove objects in midair–additionally to through walls–or deflect laser blasts. Not to be surpassed, your Princess Leia bird can grab objects getting a miniature tractor beam and fling them about if needed, your Chewbacca bird can crash through nearly any object, along with your Digital digital rebel pilot bird can separated into three small, fast-moving wild wild birds. These forces complete the Alien element which makes it fun to use a completely new level, review the puzzle at hands, possess a mental inventory from the products wild wild birds you’ve available, and begin racking the mind concerning the steps you have to decide to use beat the total amount. Furthermore you alter your wild wild birds when you complete the requisite volume of levels, which only improves the pig-smashing fun.

Angry Bird Star Wars

The Alien element isn’t essentially a veneer: the total amount embrace the locations within the movies together with the origin material itself. The inventive level design keeps for the toes, which is interesting to look for the physics change based on location. The Cloud City and space-based levels introduce variable gravity and various air paths you need to fling your bird over, which changes keep the action lively. There’s nothing that can match flinging your Luke Skywalker bird with the mind from the AT-AT master, cleanly cutting that mind offered by a simple saber, then watching your brain roll lower a hill to reign utter chaos among your porcine opponents.

Once your birds’ forces just aren’t enough, the Millennium Falcon remains transformed to the Mighty Falcon, where a probe might be flung toward your rivals and hang up off, as well as the Millennium Falcon scorches the general area with laser fire. You have to maintain your heavens you collect by beating each level to take advantage from the Mighty Falcon, but it’s fun to in the laser-based air strike when you want to get rid of a few holdout competitors.

As The Exorcist Angry Birds’ single-player mode pulls out all the stops, the multiplayer mode is bland compared. Two players can fling wild wild birds cooperatively or compete to find the best scores, however in either situation, Angry Wild wild birds Alien produces a lackluster shared experience. It’s a shame these modes play so carefully for the traditional Angry Wild wild birds structure, rather than bring something novel for the mix. Since it is, taking turns getting a buddy doesn’t bring anything significant to Angry Wild wild birds that you just couldn’t experience on your own, during the game’s mobile versions.

Which is how things get sticky. All of this distribution can easily be bought for less than $10 in general on mobile platforms, yet runs a sizable $39.99 on console. Granted, Angry Wild wild birds Alien arrives getting a large volume of content–about 100 levels to see through, some awesome bonus levels, and character remove peel off stickers and concept art to unlock–but that’s a massive premium to pay for the classy of playing Angry Wild wild birds inside your television screen.

It’s tough to conquer the price point, as charming as Angry Wild wild birds Alien is. The primary improvement in cost between platforms is substantial, nevertheless the improvement in action is not. Yet you shouldn’t outright sentence Angry Wild wild birds Alien for the Great Pit of Carkoon to get progressively digested throughout the time of just one,000 years. The game’s midi-chlorian counts may not be outrageous, while not every bird should be a Jedi Master to own value in this particular world.